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MinWave designs and manufactures RF front-end solutions from C-band to Ka-band. Our technology is based on a novel metamaterial filter with low insertion loss, high selectivity, high rejection, and wide stopband. Due to the metamaterial nature of the designs, the passband has a sharp roll-off with a deep level of rejection. To improve the selectivity of the pass band and/or maximize the rejection at a specific frequency, single or stack of transmission zeros can be added at the appropriate frequencies without increasing the footprint. Our filters are compatible with waveguide, and coaxial ports as well as surface mount interfaces.

New Product: Miniaturized Ku-band Waveguide Filter

Key features: ​

Nature of the technology

1. Custom bandwidth

The metamaterial nature of MinWave designs enables customizable bandwidth (1-50%) while maintaining low insertion loss and fixed total length of the filter. The typical insertion loss in wide-band filters is below 0.3 dB and in narrowband filters below 0.9 dB in Ku and Ka-bands.

2. Custom Selectivity  

Increasing the order of the filter is obtained by adding a deep subwavelength length, e.g. few millimeters in Ku-band, to the size, resulting in enhanced rejection.

3. Transmission Zeros in small footprint

Our metamaterial designs introduce a stack of zeros on the right side of the passband, which makes sharp selectivity on the upper side. By properly engineering these transmission zeros, the selectivity of the filter on the lower side can also be engineered.

Singleband solutions

Bent filters

Ridge waveguide filters

mmWave solutions

Different flanges

Multiband solutions

Integrated antennas with diplexer



Integrated modules

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