About us

MinWave technology comes from years of research at EPFL


EPFL is the leading research institute in Europe in natural sciences and home to many successful tech start-ups. We leveraged the encouraging environment of EPFL to perform cutting edge research at Laboratory of Wave Engineering at EPFL to translate recent advances in the field of subwavelength wave engineering into industrial applications.

Our Team

A group of experts in the fields of sub-λ wave engineering, RF design, and additive manufacturing

Maliheh Khatibi

CTO and co-founder

is a postdoctoral assistant in the Laboratory of Wave Engineering, EPFL. She is an RF design expert and inventor of the technique.

Romain Fleury

Advisor and co-founder

is a tenure-track assistant professor at EPFL and leads the EPFL Laboratory of Wave Engineering. He is an expert in subwavelength wave engineering.

Mostafa Khosrow

CEO and co-founder

has a Ph.D. in mechanics of materials and worked for 8 years in industry and startups.

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