MinWave designs and manufactures RF front-end (RFFE) solutions based on novel metamaterials. The fundamental advantage of our technology is the utilization of ε or μ<0 metamaterials in a very small length (typically <λ/2) to realize devices. Negative index materials provide sharp selectivity and high rejection levels; and small length decreases loss and increases the overall quality of the filters in an unprecedented fashion.

Lower volume and mass

We provide significantly compact and lightweight RFFE components and assemblies based on negative index metamaterials

Higher performance

We employ patented cutting-edge metamaterial technology for the development of high-performance RFFE solutions.

Monolithic assembly

We utilize additive manufacturing  as an enabling method for providing low-cost monolithic RFFE components with complex geometries.


Ready for space and terrestrial applications

Based on our innovative technique, we are developing a wide range of RFFE components, e.g., microwave filters, multiplexers, etc., to address the needs of two main markets, namely Space communications (SpaceCom) and Telecommunications (TeleCom). Our products bring significant cost savings and the highest quality in the industry for different use cases in these industries. Cost savings are generated either through a reduction in weight and size, a reduction in the noise level and increased quality, or a decrease in energy consumption


The SpaceCom industry in two branches of satellites and SatCom terminals demands reduced size and weight components to lower the total mission cost.


With the advent of 5G and beyond, the infrastructure and user devices in TeleCom industry need higher throughput, which translates into cost savings.

MinWave is an EPFL spin-off

We are a world-class team of experts from EPFL, and our technology has been seeded at LWE at EPFL.