About us

MinWave technology comes from years of research at EPFL


EPFL is the leading research institute in Europe in natural sciences and is home to many successful tech start-ups. We leveraged the encouraging environment of EPFL to perform cutting-edge research at the Laboratory of Wave Engineering at EPFL to translate recent advances in the field of subwavelength wave engineering into industrial applications

Our Team

A group of experts in the fields of sub-λ wave engineering, RF design, and additive manufacturing

Maliheh Khatibi

CTO and co-founder

is a postdoctoral assistant in the Laboratory of Wave Engineering, EPFL. She is an RF design expert and inventor of the technique.

Romain Fleury

Advisor and co-founder

is a tenure-track assistant professor at EPFL and leads the EPFL Laboratory of Wave Engineering. He is an expert in subwavelength wave engineering.

Mostafa Khosrow

CEO and co-founder

has a Ph.D. in mechanics of materials and worked for 8 years in industry and startups.

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