Revolutionizing Micro/Millimeter-Wave Systems with Metamaterials

At MinWave, our core competency lies in the innovative metamaterial technique for designing ultra-compact and lightweight micro/millimeter-wave waveguide devices. While conventional hollow metallic waveguide devices are often considered the ideal solution for microwave and millimeter-wave applications, their drawback lies in their large volume and high weight due to their physical sizes being constrained by multiple wavelengths. Alternative solutions, such as coaxial cavities and ceramic filters, may offer some tradeoffs, but they often come at the expense of increased cost, higher loss, or limited lifwtimeMinWave addresses this core drawback by harnessing cutting-edge technology based on low loss metallic resonant metamaterials, confined within sub-wavelength volumes.  Our teams are developing a wide range of passive devices from 1-100GHz, such as filters, diplexers, filtering antennas,… based on the patented innovative solutions. 

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Unlocking the Potential of Additive Manufacturing in Space Mission Systems

In the realms of space mission  and 5G communications,  size and weight optimization is crucial. At MinWave, we leverage the power of additive manufacturing   and various type of machining to achieve this optimization. Additive manufacturing serves as an enabling method, allowing us to produce low-cost monolithic RF components with intricate geometries.
With our expertise in metal 3D printing, machining, and casting, we fabricate passive microwave devices using a range of materials such as Aluminum, Steel, Copper, and Brass. To further enhance performance, we employ surface chemical treatments, including silver plating, which effectively reduce insertion loss and increase power handling capabilities. Experience the transformative potential of additive-manufactured metamaterials with MinWave. Unlock cost-efficient, lightweight, and high-performing RF components for your systems.