MinWave core competency is an innovative technique to design ultra-compact and low-weight micro/millimeter-wave waveguide devices and fabrication of these components using additive manufacturing methods. The conventional hollow metallic waveguide devices, while having desirable RF specifications, have a large volume and high weight since their physical sizes are bound to be multiple wavelengths. At MinWave,we address this core drawback by leveraging cutting-edge technology based on metallic resonant metamaterials in sub-wavelength volumes.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing provides the most effective tool to optimize weight in space mission systems. Additive manufacturing is an enabling method for providing low-cost monolithic RF components with complex geometries. We utilize metal 3D printing and casting expertise to fabricate passive microwave devices with various materials (Aluminum, Copper, and Brass). Surface chemical treatment, such as silver plating, is also used to reduce the insertion loss and increase the power handling capabilities.