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We specialize in design and fabrication of cutting-edge RF front-end solutions, in a wide range of frequencies from C-band to Ka-band for Space and Telecommunication. Our exceptional technology revolves around a miniaturized metamaterial filters and antennas, providing impressive features such as minimal insertion loss, sharp selectivity, high rejection capabilities, and a wide stopband.
What sets our designs apart is their metamaterial composition, which is 5-10x smaller than conventional designs and it ensures high performance.  Our filters and antennas are integrable with waveguides, coaxial ports, and surface mount interfaces, providing compatibility across various applications. Here, please read more about  miniaturized MinWave filters:

Miniaturized Filters

Key Features: ​

Innovative Breakthrough

Custom bandwidth

Custom selectivity

Enhanced roll-off

Robust designs

Complementary solutions 

single-band solutions

Multiband solutions

Meta filtering array antennas

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