Enhanced Performance with Custom Selectivity

 MinWave filters are innovative alternatives to the waveguide, ceramic, or coaxial cavity filters due to the miniaturized dimensions,  low-loss, and custom features such as selectivity. With our patented RF filter technology, we proudly deliver enhanced performance without compromising size or energy efficiency. Here, you can discover the possibilities of our Ku-band products, MWx, with different orders operating at 10.7 to 12.7 GHz. These ultra-compact waveguide filters serve as exceptional TX filters for Ku band satellites, with power handling up to 300 W. Achieving a typical insertion loss of less than 0.3 dB across their passbands (silver-plated filter), our filters can further enhance the sharpness of the passband edges by slightly increasing their size.
Coaxial interfaces are also available, which offer custom sharpness in a reduced footprint. Trust MinWave solutions for high-performance and custom selectivity in a variety of applications.  Get quote here

Typical Performance

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