Revolutionizing Connectivity with Miniaturized Multi-Band Solutions

MinWave  offer various multi-band passive devices for space and telecommunications applications. Our portfolio includes diplexers, multiplexers, orthomode transducers, dual-band filters, and feed chains. Unlock new possibilities with MinWave multi-band solutions.


 We produce miniaturized contiguous and non-contiguous waveguide diplexers  from C-band to Ka-bands. Our diplexers are available with both standard and custom waveguide ports, offering versatility to meet your specific requirements. One standout example is the MW44200, a miniaturized Ka-band diplexer designed to elevate your system performance. The receive port (RX) operates within the frequency band of 17.3 to 20.2 GHz, while the transmit port covers 27 to 31 GHz. With the silver component, you can expect typical insertion losses of 0.2 dB in the receive band and 0.3 dB in the transmit band. Our diplexers ensure exceptional signal isolation, at least 60 dB between the receive and transmit bands. This guarantees reliable and interference-free operation for your critical applications. Get quote here

Typical Performance

2-Other Multi-Band Solutions

The key distinguishing features of MinWave’s multiband solutions are their remarkable miniaturization, boasting sizes over 10 times smaller than conventional waveguide alternatives. Our monolithic devices are lightweight, making them ideal for applications where weight is a critical factor. With superior isolation, you can rely on our products to provide reliable and interference-free signal transmission across multiple bands. Get quote here


MW53100 a Ku band multiplexer

Dual-Band Filters

MW13120 a Ku band dual-band filter

Feed Chains

Customized integration of antenna, diplexers and OMTs

MW83400 a Ku Band feed chain

MW83300 a Ku Band integrated antenna and diplexer

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