Innovative Approach for Enhanced Roll-Off
in RF and Microwave Filters

MinWave groundbreaking technique  can enhance  roll-off in microwave and mmWave filters without increasing their size.
As an example, MW14109 and MW14110* are miniaturized narrow band Ka-band WG filters with 3%, and MW14111 and MW14112* have 1% fractional bandwidth with a center frequency of 24.6 GHz. In the improved selectivity filters, the roll-off in the lower side of the passband is enhanced using low-loss metamaterials. For added convenience, our filters are available in connectorized versions, featuring reduced overall size without compromising performance. This means you can expect a sharp roll-off on both sides of the passband within a small footprint.
Discover the cutting-edge advancements in RF technology with MinWave, and unlock the unparalleled selectivity and compact design that our enhanced filters offer. Get quote here

* Improved roll-off versions.

Typical Performance

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