Connectorized Solutions:
Unlocking the Potential of MinWave Coaxial Filters

MinWave offers various connectorized solutions, featuring coaxial connectors such as SMA and SMP. These solutions boast a significantly smaller footprint than their waveguide counterparts, making them ideal for 4G and 5G telecommunications applications.
Our custom solutions span from C-band to Ka-band, offering compact and lightweight alternatives that outperform conventional coaxial filters while maintaining superior energy efficiency and durability compared to ceramic filters. Just like their waveguide counterparts, MinWave’s connectorized filters exhibit a sharp roll-off, enhancing spectral efficiency, a vital requirement for telecom operators striving for optimal performance.
One standout example is the MW12300, a compact and sharp C-band coaxial filter operating within a passband frequency range of 3.3 to 3.8 GHz, ideally suited for 5G applications.

Choose MinWave’s connectorized solutions to harness the power of cutting-edge technology, optimizing spectral efficiency and enabling seamless integration within your telecom systems. Experience the future of connectivity with MinWave’s exceptional coaxial filters. Get quote here

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Introducing MinWave Bent Solutions:
Unleashing Customizable Waveguide Filters

MinWave takes pride in its development of waveguide E and H-bent filters. These innovative filters allow for signal filtration within an ultra-compact volume while seamlessly navigating sharp bends. Our bent filters exhibit remarkable features such as a small form factor, tight bending radius, lightweight construction, and compatibility with standard waveguide ports.  One exemplary solution is MW13107 E-bent Ku-band filter, illustrating the power of MinWave bent solutions. Get quote here

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Miniaturized Ridged Waveguide Filters

MinWave has developed a range of waveguide filters featuring single and double-ridge waveguide ports, available in both standardized and customized configurations. The incorporation of ridges in these filters brings several advantages, including a reduced cutoff frequency, lower impedance, and a wide bandwidth free from high-mode interference compared to rectangular waveguides with the same inner dimensions.
Here please find specification of  MW13201, a Ku-band double ridge waveguide filter equipped with standard ports.Get quote here

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