MinWave win VentureKick I and II

MinWave Technologies won Venture Kick’s first stage of financial and entrepreneurial support . We presented  to a Venture Kick jury on March 29th 2022  and won 10kCHF for the first phase,  where Minwave  has a 50 percent chance of selection for the next stage. Venture Kick stands for much more than the money. It offers a structured entrepreneurial path to build a winning venture.

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We then won Venture Kick’s second stage of financial and entrepreneurial support in June 2022. We got 40,000 CHF in this stage and now we are eligible to participate in the third round in Nov 2022.

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MinWave in 2022 European electromagnetics events

MinWave CTO, Dr. Maliheh Khatibi, participated in 16th European Conference on Antenna and propagation (EUCAP ) in Madrid in March 2022 and then European microwave week  (EUMW ) in London in April 2022. She presented our recent developments on bent meta-filters and ka-band filters to discuss MinWave capabilities on miniaturization of microwave filters for space and telecommunications.